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This spin-off of Siemens AG was set to launch in the United States in Spring of 2005 with a technology that was successfully deployed in Germany but that needed to be optimized for and communicated to the North American market.

The team at Meghan O'Leary Consulting jumped into this project and led the development of a messaging document that got to the heart of the product benefits quickly and clearly and could be shared between the teams in the U.S. and Germany. With the Messaging Architecture as a starting point, we then swiftly developed a sales presentation for meetings with venture capitalists and potential customers, as well as a basic web site. Then, as the team in North America got busy selling, we supported their efforts by developing another round of the Messaging Architecture, incorporating feedback from customer meetings, as well as another revision to the sales presentation and web site. We also developed data sheets and a company overview.

In 3 short months, the brand new North American sales team at Panoratio was armed with 2 iterations of their sales presentation and web site, as well as the supporting tools that enabled them to go out the North American market, including analysts, investors and customers, with clear and compelling product messaging.