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Opdex Inc was launched by its parent company, Aftek Infosys, in April of 2003. With its technology selling successfully in India, Aftek came to us to develop a brand for the North American market and to launch its flagship product in the United States. The project goal was to develop all of the necessary elements to launch Opdex at a tradeshow in Chicago in June 2003, a mere 2 months away!

Working with the leadership of the new company, we quickly developed the Opdex positioning, name, logo, Web site, and a complete suite of marketing communications, including data sheets, technical notes, FAQ's, direct mail campaign, and PR campaign. We also worked closely with the executive team to further develop and leverage Opdex partnerships with HP, Computer Associates, and MGE UPS Systems.

Supported by a team in India, Meghan O'Leary Consulting used a 24 x 7 iterative approach to rapidly develop and roll out the tools required to arm a new sales team to launch Opdex products at trade shows in June and July of 2003. The Opdex Web site was launched in August 2003 to support the direct sales team, as well as the quickly growing list of resellers.